December 3rd: Doctor Who “The Christmas Invasion”

Doctor Who is well known for it’s Christmas episodes. Usually the show isn’t in season during Christmas time, so by the time the halls are decked you’re craving for some Who. This is part of  what makes the Christmas specials so very…well, special. Today on 25 Days of Christmas Episodes I’m covering “The Christmas Invasion” which is the very first full episode with the well-loved David Tennant as the Doctor. Links: Netflix.

It’s pretty classic who. Cheesy but awesome villains like the Robo-Santas and the spinning tree of death, some creepy Aliens, some Doctor badassery, oh and Jackie Tyler says the words “Doctor Who” which is always fun.

 What’s interesting about this episode is that, for it being the introductory episode of David Tennant, he spends most of it in bed unconscious. The plot is pretty much as follows. The Doctor, fresh of off a new regeneration, has taken a bit ill after returning back with Rose to Christmas 2005. His regeneration energy has attracted the attention of some undesirables who are now heading towards Earth. Meanwhile Britain has launched a satellite into deep space only to discover that it has been stolen by an Alien race called the Sycorax and now they are heading towards earth.  One of the Doctors old buddies, and now Prime Minister, Harriet Jones is called into help sort out the situation. I mean of course she was called she has handled THESE guys before. Harriet Jones and her U.N.I.T. buddies use a Sony VIAO to successfully translate the Sycorax’s language (In only 2 hours! Thanks SONY!)  and discover that the Sycorax want to kill them.

 Meanwhile Rose, Jackie and Mickey are all chilling on the TARDIS with the sick Doctor who is  still unconscious from the regeneration. The Sycorax using some Jedi Mind Tricks hypnotize a bunch of people to head to the edges of tall buildings.  Turns out the Satellite had a vile of A positive blood in it (In case it met any Space Vampires I’d imagine) and the Sycorax were using that blood to control other people with A positive blood. The big baddies finally make it to earth in the lamest spaceship of all time. Seriously it’s just a rock. Anyway, the Sycorax ask for the leader of Earth. Harriet Jones steps forward which I thought was a little presumptuous. Why her? Maybe the leaders of Denmark or Chile should get a go at it. Anywho, they beam Harriet and her crew onboard. Some of her crew decide to speak and ask mercy only to be met with a laserwhip to the face. Harriet learns that The Sycorax are going to make the people on the roofs jump to their death unless the Earth surrenders. 

The Sycorax preform some scans and find the TARDIS down on earth. They beam it on board and Rose steps out unknowingly into the Sycorax ship. She does her best Miss Teen South Carolina impression and fumbles up trying to scare them away.  They unsurprisingly don’t get scared and decide to kill Rose and the rest, when the TARDIS doors open to reveal The Doctor. Still in his pajamas and robe, he finds the blood control thingy and let’s everyone know that it’s bullshit and won’t do anything. He challenges the leader of the Sycorax to a duel for the planet. During the duel The Doctor pulls a Luke Skywalker and loses, then regains his hand. He does some Doctoring and sends the leader plummeting to his death and tells the rest of the Sycorax to beat it. 

Everyone wins! The Doctor, Rose, Jackie, Harriet, Harriet’s assistant and Mickey get teleported back to celebrate Christmas. On Earth, they are all high-fiving each other when this huge green laser blows up the fleeing Sycorax. The laser was order by none other than ole Harriet Jones herself. The Doctor is furious, obviously, and says to Harriet that he is going to bring down her entire empire with 6 words. The Doctor walks over to her assistant and says  “Don’t you think she looks tired?”

The Doctor, Rose, Jackie and Mickey are eating Christmas dinner and popping Christmas Crackers. A news report about Harriet Jones comes on the T.V. The report is about rumors of her health deteriorating and her “Not being fit to serve” which she denies.  The seeds of doubt planted by The Doctor spreading quickly.

Well, that’s the First of the NuWho (I think that sounds like a 90’s R&B group) Christmas episodes I’ll be doing. The Doctor doing his Doctor thing and saving the world except this time he did it all in his Jim-Jams.  I have another of the NuWho Christmas episodes on my list to do later, so stay tuned for that.

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